Alternative Lifestyle in Oregon

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It also gets top marks when it comes to being a green city; it is known for its progressive, humane policies and its nurturing and preservation of the local natural environment. Eugene is an inland city located about fifty miles east of the Oregon Coast where the McKenzie and Wiliamette Rivers meet.

It is also home opt the University Oregon, which has conducted many interesting lifestyle experiments there that have continued on until this day. The Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System has a network of 42 miles of shared-use paths, 81 miles of bicycle lanes and five pedestrian bridges crossing the Williamette River.

Geographically the city is stunning. Spencer Butte, a similar majestic outcropping, is just south of the city. The entire city is surrounded by foothills and forests and enjoys warm dry, summers and temperate winters with light snowfall.

Alternative Lifestyle in Oregon

The city has twenty-three neighborhoods in total, so it is best to consult with a resident Eugene gay realtor to find out which one suits your property investment needs. One of the hippest neighborhoods is Whiteaker, which has gone from glum to a bustling artsy neighborhood with many indie coffeehouses, art galleries and funky bars. Home prices have risen Most of the homes here tend to be bungalows or ranch-style.

Alternative Lifestyle in Oregon

They also tend to be one story or if more than one story, built with decks and extensions into the side of rock outcroppings. MOVE

Alternative Lifestyle in Oregon Alternative Lifestyle in Oregon

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