Asian for as friends

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On Tuesday evening a white man went on a killing spree in Atlanta, shooting up three massage parlors, murdering eight individuals — many of them Asian. I cried when my friend, who lives near Atlanta, messaged me first thing that morning out of the blue to ask, if I, here in North Carolina, was okay.

I cried when they told me that they were going to text their roommate when they left their apartment to make sure they were okay so they can check in one another. They are Asian. I am Asian. We oscillate, existing in the in-between of Black and white. Growing up, I would fall asleep praying that I would wake up white. That my hair would be blonde.

That I would have white skin.

Asian for as friends

As I grew up, I came to appreciate, love and take pride in my Japanese heritage. It is me. It will be my children. It is everything. My experience as an Asian person is not the same as the experience of a Black person in this country, but it does hurt.

We are here. We built a lot of the infrastructure that led to this country becoming what it is today see California railro. All I — and other Asians, I suspect — are asking is for people to see us. Really see us. An odd thing has been happening lately, or really for a large portion of my life — I forget that I am Asian.

The simple answer is that I still have some deep-seeded self-hatred somewhere that I have to work through. No, where are you reallyyy from? We matter.

Asian for as friends

Ask them about their identity. Just in general, give a shit.

Asian for as friends

To learn more and support Asian communities, visit stopaapihate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saturday, October 16, Trending Now. The Weekender: Oct. Cure Violence aims to tackle spike in shootings in Winston-Salem.

In the Weeds: The worst nights. Stop hate against Asians and Pacific Islanders. So, on Tuesday, I cried. Like this: Like Loading As hate crimes against Asians rise nationally, locals share their stories and raise awareness. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We publish smart reporting and writing that recognizes the intelligence of our readers.

Asian for as friends

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Asian for as friends Asian for as friends

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