Light skin girl with curly hair

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The social media sphere is seeing a paradigm shift — one that could possibly alter the deep-rooted and often ill-oriented concepts of beauty and its stereotypes. While Soorya was a higher secondary student, she got a call from a classmate one evening. Have you ever noticed the way I look? How could you think that any human being will be attracted to me? A young Soorya was then upset at being judged by everyone for her dark skin, Dalit identity, financial status, body type, and frizzy hair, Soorya spent most of her adolescent life fighting insecurities and depression.

Victoria College, Palakkad. Was working as an independent translator before the pandemic hit in. I do commissioned art works, also into street photography. One evening during higher secondary school days, the phone rang, it was a friend from class to ask about a project. As I came back from the call I noticed my dad giving me death stares which lead to scolding and ended up in beating me asking why someone would walk away to attend a call, unless I was having an affair and it was that guy on the other side of the call.

As I cried out loud I distinctly remember having this one question I wanted to ask him, which was, "dad do you even know me? How could just make up in your mind that any human being will be attaracted to me? Due to the constant bullying, comparing myself with others, feeling guilty for the way I am, fear of being judged by every passing person, feeling left out, the thought that 'I am not enough' throughout my adolescence. And it was not just my dark skin that bothered me, my Dalit identity, my lower middle class family and financial status, my body type, my ever frizzy, oily hair - basically everything about me was used by the society to make me feel insecure about myself.

A good part of adolescent life went with struggling from these insecurities and depression. It has just been 2 years or so that I have gained confidence to be comfortable in the way I am. This happened becuase I came across many women in these few years who are so unapologetically themselves and who fight patriarchy in their own ways.

I blame this pathetically normalised obsession to 'fair and slim' beauty standards and the savarna bourgeoisie concepts of living which made me feel inferior in my own skin. Art has always been there as a companion when I felt left out.

Light skin girl with curly hair

It was escapism in the beginning and it has grown to become part of my identity. As a woman, I use my art to break existing social norms in this partiarchal society. Jai bhim. In another post on themodel and singer Aleena mentions how the first word which she would have probably heard in her life was in itself racist.

Then, we decided to launch a. The lead character is played by Parvathy Thiruvoth while writer Uroob who wrote the short story Rachiyamma in had portrayed a dark-skinned Rachiyamma. Rejidev says the intends to discuss more topics. We often discuss the absence of dark-skinned people in mainstream art and culture. Even if a dark-skinned model is featured, it will be for ethnic clothes. My mother was in labour room. I was being born.

Light skin girl with curly hair

A nurse said it. The first words which hit my ears were racist. The first ever opinion someone made about me was racist. Almost everyone in my family are pretty much dark. So I didn't face much trouble from my household. Being dark is somewhat normal here. My grandfather was one of the first people to come to our place, turning it into a village. The women of our family were beautiful, ebony dark and strong. Their lives and strength inspired me to evolve into who I am now.

But the society was expecting something opposite. They moaned for me because my skin tone doesn't come with the treasure bag of privilege attached to it. Naturally I became the laughing stock, the centre of attention wherever I went. People made themselves feel better seeing me, bullying me, at least they are not dark, they are not ugly by default. Even in today's world, it is an individual responsibility of each dark girl out there to break the inferiority that society imposed upon her and believe she is beautiful.

This is an active and energy consuming process. No wonder why we're always exhausted. Aleena, originally from Pathanamthitta, is a model and singer. She is trained in classical opera, but wishes to produce post - rock music with Latin American folk tastes.

Light skin girl with curly hair

She is keenly interested in fashion and aspires to be a businesswoman. She is unapologetic about her identity and is a part of a women's collective on issues regarding caste and colourism. She writes poetry and short stories both in English and Malayalam. Gone are the days when Malayalam film songs and poems lavishly praised the beauty of the curly hair. Still, it took decades to reach the country and has slowly been picking up through various curly hair groups like Indian Curl Pride. Now, a platform — Kerala Curly Sundaries — a Facebook group recently founded by a group of eight women, are making waves among Malayalis.

Neethu, who stays in the UAE, said whether she was opting for chemical straightening was the question she regularly encountered during every visit to beauty parlours. The concept of CGM not only involves embracing natural curls but also maintaining it in an aesthetically appealing way. Well-defined curls usually involve the use of conditioners, leave-in gels, and regular deep conditioning. Neethu said they decided to launch the group to create awareness on the curly hair methods. However, we often use wrong methods that will eventually damage the hair.

So, this group serves mostly as an awareness platform and shares various options. Most members in the group vouch for the fact that following CGM was the best favour they did to their own hair. Home LifeStyle. Jisha Surya. Mail This Article. Recipient's Mail This is error message. Your Name This is error message. Your id This is error message.

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Light skin girl with curly hair Light skin girl with curly hair

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