Lookin for something to do tonight

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Lookin for something to do tonight

List of Partners vendors. Mandy Zee is a former contributor for MyDomaine. She's also written for lifestyle sites like Byrdie and Who What Wear.

Lookin for something to do tonight

Connie and Luna. Living the good life is all too often mistaken for living expensively. Looking to shake up your next date night or expand your personal creativity? What's more, sometimes the less expensive outings are actually the best of the bunch. Picnics with friends, walks alone through the park, or even hosting a small party at your house instead of going out to an expensive dinner—you might even find you would choose these activities over other ones anyway.

Whether you prefer to spend your weekends with friends or solohere are 40 no-fail ways to add some excitement to your life on a budget. Donate your time to a local animal shelter or library—it can be a useful way to pick up a new skill as well. You might even want to take one online if you're looking for something that isn't available in your hometown. Grab a group of friends and consider it your workout for the day.

No friends interested? Consider taking your puppy out for a stroll on wheels—or, perhaps, it will take you for that stroll instead. Invite your friends, make some popcorn, and put on your favorite double feature. You might even want to have a total throwback night and play a marathon of your favorite '90s movies.

Choose one classic cocktail and learn how to make it to perfection. Needless to say, this one pairs perfectly with our last suggestion. Ask your friends for recommendations and try out drinks you never even knew existed during a dinner party as well.

Lookin for something to do tonight

Buying ingredients at the local farmers' market or seafood stand will save you plenty of money compared to dining out. You can improve upon recipes you always loved to make growing up, or do some research and find new ones to try online instead. Research a local trail and get moving. Whether close to home or a road trip away, it's a great and affordable!

If this one sounds boring, you might not be choosing the right book. All you have to buy is a cup of coffee and it's an easy way to give yourself a little bit of a change of scenery without breaking the bank. You can opt for classic games, like Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, or choose a modern iteration, like Cards Against Humanity.

Lookin for something to do tonight

If you get a group of friends together who are all interested as well, consider a rotating tradition where you move from one house to another or everyone has a week where they choose the games. Grab a couple of friends and hit up your favorite local vintage store. Even if you don't buy a single thing, it's fun to just get out, have a little dressing room fashion show, and pretend you're headed to a wealth of evening events.

Grab a handful of records or your phone's playlist and kick back to give them the attention they deserve. Not only are most outdoor concerts totally affordable, but many are even free for a fun day or night of singing and dancing in the open air.

Lookin for something to do tonight

If you live in or around New York City, consider the free summer concert series in Central Park each year. It's a great excuse to engage in other affordable activities on this list simultaneously, as well, like bringing some new music along or trying out homemade recipes to pack in your basket for the afternoon.

No reason required. Trust us—your taste buds will thank you. Even if you live alone, it's not only a fun few hours, but it's something you'll love to keep in your fridge for the rest of the week for a little pick-me-up when you're feeling indulgent. What's more, they'll love receiving something from you that's equally heartfelt and sentimental.

This cultural pastime is easy and free. Hit up an exhibit solo that you've had on your list since it was first written up in the newspaper, or invite a friend along for the ride. Check your local college or university for interesting upcoming events. If you're looking for a similar experience without taking off your pajamas, there are plenty of online lectures at institutions like the 92Yeven if you live nowhere near New York City. The best things in life really are free.

Practices like meditation, yoga, and simple sunshine are easy to indulge in for little or no cost. Or football, baseball, or curling—or whatever your local park will allow. Wander on over and see who's already there and ready to engage in an impromptu pick-up game. To be fair, this one is only as cheap as you make it, but there are deals to be had.

Lookin for something to do tonight

And, even if you come away empty-handed, sometimes the daily hunt is all the excitement that you needed for the moment. Grab your paints, pencils, charcoals, or crayons and go somewhere that inspires you. It's a perfect weekend activity for both the well-accomplished artist and amateur alike. Besides, you might come in for a massage, but you can stay for the entire day in the sauna for a little bit of decompressing. If you normally hike, then go for a bike ride. Ask around; your friends likely have new things that they want to try or activities they love that they can introduce you to as well.

Whether salsa, hip-hop, or ballroom is your speed, find a spot and shake it up. Not into the outing? Throw a dance party at home with your best friends on a whim. If you're looking to relax and unwind and, of course, simultaneously feel as though you're living in a painting, consider watching the sun set—either alone or with friends. All you need is a blanket to lay among the stars. Not only will you be shopping local, but the fresh produce, flowers, and baked goods you might find will be unlike any others.

Freshness awaits. And though it's a shopping activity at its core, a farmer's market won't exactly break the bank—and you'll be shopping for essentials you would be buying anyway! If you want to host a dinner party but don't want to foot the bill, consider throwing a potluck with all of your friends bringing a little something for the meal.

Perhaps your bestie makes a mean guacamole, boyfriend is killer on the grill, and sister loves to practice her baking skills—this could be your best meal yet. Not only will it cost you nothing, but you might even make money. The time has come to clean out your closet and let your junk become another person's treasure. Instead of heading out for drinks at happy hour, consider a non-alcoholic option and head to a teahouse instead.

It's a great activity for morning, noon, and night! It doesn't have to be a long one—we're not talking about a marathon! Perhaps your city or town has a mile race or a 5K. It's a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. There's nothing like your pet—or someone else's—to give you an excuse to take a walk outside. Long or short, a walk costs nothing at all, and you might just be able to explore parts of your own neighborhood that you haven't ever before!

Plenty of pet rescues and shelters are constantly on the hunt for willing fosters—especially on weekends, To be able to do good for others is gift enough, but to be able to do so while showing an abandoned pet all the love in the world is priceless.

If there's one baking skill that's particularly hard to really master, it is bread baking.

Lookin for something to do tonight

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