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Had alot of fun at the pool. Met some nice people.

There were many sights to see. Was our first time there. Sucks many aspects were closed due to the pandemic but look forward to going again. Really interested in checking out the foam party seems like it will be so much fun. I had no expectations when going there. We went with a group. We rented a 5th wheel trailor there. We were told that there may not be pans or plates or glasses ect in it, so we brought disposible stuff and noncooking food or food for a bbq that was there.

There was dishes and pans and a coffee pot we brought our own I did bring my own sheets for the queen bed,but, it ended up being a king. The staff in the office was helpful,but,not particularly friendly, and sent us on our way with the paperwork done but no key in our packet. When we got in it was dirty with dirt,dust,stains,splattered make up splattered on walls, and something brown on the bedroom blinds and on the fausets and in the sinks and mouse poop in the drawers.

I bought disinfectant cleaners and gloves and went to work. Got new sheets and bedding used the queen sheets we brought and put over the couch and the seating at the table. I washed it from floor to ceiling. We went to the cafe for breakfast and the waitress didnt seem to be awake went to find menus and we left after a time. I gave this place 4 stars because the rest of the staff were so sweet and helpful and made a great vibe everywhere. They were always happy and willing to accomidate our needs. The pool was was great, they played games and had a dj and danced.

There is a burger place there with fries and fried veggies and chicken sandwich. And they were fast friendly and a reasonable price for what we got. BYOB but they have mixers to pay for. Plenty of chairs around the pool and friendly regulars that say hi. There are two shower and hot tub locations. The public showers and bathrooms were clean and the garbage dumped. The maintenance man was prompt when we needed him and when he couldnt get our oven going he brought us a bbq. There are bugs and lizards and rabbits around.

If it wasnt for the awesome staff it would have got fewer stars. Never been before but always have wanted to. Im not nervous, I just dont know if Ill catch anyones attention. Im a 21 year old single male. If anyone knows how would other couple would feel about me and if I would fit in?

When i checked in the people working the front desk were very friendly and funny. And while there people seem to always wave and i felt very welcomed. I will be going back soon. I had a very enjoyable day there. We loved the swimming pool, it was incredibly warm for the time of year we were visiting and didnt seem to have any closing time. Swimming in the dark while watching the stars besides the wooded hills was a great experience.

Aldo check in was awesome super friendly staff who explained everything about the property and made us feel very welcome. The cabin itself is very basic barely a step up from a tent and since it had no bathroom it was alot of walking everytime we needed to relieve ourselves. Awesome place to obtain all wonderful amenities. The ambiance is exquisite the comfort you feel upon your arrival is utterly amazing. The concierge makes everyone feel welcomed and aded as if amongst family. What better deal can you bargain for, Its hostesses and staff are like luke warm waters in the Carribean.

Amazing glitz sparkling on your skins ans like aroma therapy and the best spa resort ever. Tranquility is the best form to having a centered and focused peace of mind. There was no hot water and only space heaters to keep us warm. Lucky for us, the heaters worked although it did take a while. Was a guest there years ago and recently have been there to fix a friends computer.

The staff in the office are always positive, helping with any questions I may have. The staff is amazing. Everyone makes you feel at home, they go above and beyond for each and every person making everyone feel welcomed and even special.

Every visit here is memorable and boy what fun and leisure can be had here. A good time for all who come to play or just get away. Way to go FA! You guys rock the house and raise the roof! Woo hoo. This place rocks! I love this place, warm, inviting, affordable and the staff and people are outstanding.

Was thinking of trying this.

After reading reviews I think I definately will. Still a little Leary not knowing anyone and just going by myself to hangout and enjoy the atmosphere but by the reviews people sound friendly and welcoming. First of all my first time I was so skeptical but as I stop and watch the people there they came from the most gross to the most beautifulest people I have ever encounter we have a lot to learn about freedom acres resort thank you for letting me experience the peace the love the open lifestyle human beings that I met to be real people.

Wife and I made our first ever visit to Freedom Acres Resort and had just a fantastic time. Everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was crazy fun. Fun place if you are in to that kind of lifestyle. We recommend this place the let your inhibitions run wild. My husband and I have only been a few times and only for the poolside karaoke. Its BYOB that you leave with the bartender. I will be happy when karaoke is moved to the Cafe so I can avoid the event fee, but it has been nice to experience poolside.

My husband likes sitting by the firepit or in the spa when its not packed. Its an interesting spot to people watch and definitely an experience. Love club FA! The first time I visited the resort I believe I was still in elementary school. My grandma and grandpa used to run the place now I come often to see and party with the best peeps ever! Im not to much into playing with others but I love to come and visit, dance, EAT, and enjoy the atmosphere. Its nice to go out and not be judged or be so square all the time. I love it!! My favorite place to vacation in California. I love this place. Candice and Jason are amazing hosts.

Check this place out next time youre in California! FA is my favorite place had the chance to play a different couples and females nothing but love for this place. Freedom acres is a lifestyle resort that was welcoming and fun. My boyfriend and I had a really good time.

Definitely going again. Only complaint we had was that the mattress in M is in dire need of replacement. Other than that!! It was quietcleanand over all a great time. The age range at the events on the resort premises were more mature and laid backwhere as the atmosphere at the club was a little more party til you cant remember. Either way its a good time.

It is a bit rustic, but what would you expect for a camp ground. We stayed 4 days in Feb, weather was great. Was disappointed the headed pool was down for repairs for a day. We stayed in a trailer, it was very minimal, but better than my tent and the bed was comfortable! The trailer carpet was very dirty with big spoil spots on the carpet. All in all, Id go back again! Oh, did I mention that ALL of the staff are extremely helpful and even go out of their way to help you.

This place is not for you if your not in the lifestyle. We always have fun here. And even just for a few hours to dip into the pool. Nothing like swimming with friends in your sexy suit. Love this place! We enjoy going here, downfall is when you all changed your rules for the crybabies and allowed clothing optional at the pool My Girlfriend and I are both seniors and were very pleasantly surprised at the age range of the guests and everyone was very friendly and obviously having a great time as we were. We rented an rv and immediately had electrical problems with it.

The front desk and the maintenance crew took immediate action and relocated us to another unit and followed up to be sure we were taken care of. The overall cleanliness, atmosphere and vibe around the pool, hot tub, poolside play beds, music etc. An awesome sexy experience. We were not pleased with the on site restaurant experience, so 4 stars out of 5. We will absolutely be back to enjoy more of what this resort has to offer and highly recommend it to anyone looking for some sexual and romantic adventure. Im so excited, called theand had questions after questions for being a newbie.

The receptionist was so helpful and got me to feel very comfortable and confident that booked for a great weekend bash!!! Not even their yet and I give them a 5 for the amazing information and details and comfort to actually just say Yes please!!! Call and if your a couple looking for singles or other couples.

Great idea just call!!!! Great place to grab some sun by the heated pool and meet people.

Nude San bernardino party

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