South Korea online sex chat

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The Associated Press Staff. In this March 25,file photo, Cho Ju-bin, centre, leader of South Korea's online sexual blackmail ring which is so called "Nth room," is surrounded by journalists while walking out of a police station as he is transferred to prosecutors' office for further investigation in Seoul, South Korea. The court ruled Cho "used various methods to lure and blackmail a large of victims into making sexually abusive contents and distributed them to many people for an extended period," according to Kim.

Cho has maintained he only cheated victims into making such videos but didn't blackmail or coerce them, prompting some of the victims to testify in court.

South Korea online sex chat

Kim said the court decided to isolate Cho from society for a prolonged period in consideration of his attitude and the seriousness of his crime. Prosecutors formally arrested or indicted Cho and seven accomplices in June for allegedly producing sexually abusive videos of 74 victims, 16 of them minors, and distributing them on the Telegram messaging app, where users paid in cryptocurrency to watch them in A prosecutors' statement called Cho's group "a criminal ring" of 38 members.

On Thursday, the Seoul court sentenced five of Cho's accomplices, one of them a year-old, up to 15 years in prison.

South Korea online sex chat

When he was shown before the media following his initial detainment at a police station in March, Cho said "Thank you for stopping the life of a devil I couldn't stop. Cho's case has triggered an intense public uproar and soul-searching in South Korea over a culture that some experts say is too lenient about sexual violence and continuously fails the victims.

President Moon Jae-in earlier called for a thorough investigation and stern punishment for those operating such chatrooms and their users. In recent years, South Korea has been struggling to cope with what the government describes as digital sex crimes, which aside from abusive chatrooms also include the spread of intimate photos and videos taken by smartphones or tiny spy cameras hidden in public spaces and buildings, an issue that triggered massive protests in Both Cho and prosecutors, who had requested a life sentence, have one week to appeal.

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South Korea online sex chat

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South Korea online sex chat

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South Korea online sex chat

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South Korea online sex chat

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South Korea online sex chat South Korea online sex chat

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South Korea Online Sexual Abuse Case Illustrates Gaps in Government Response